A squadron reborn!

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Tri-Valley Composite Squadron 156 has once more return to the Livermore airport! The squadron was originally founded in the 1980s, and served the community proudly until 1997, when it’s colors were struck and it was retired from service.

As our mission grows, Bay Area Group 2 saw the value of having a mission ready flight and ground squadron situated in Livermore, where the weather is oftentimes flyable when summer fog has rolled into the Bay Area.

With their recommendation, California wing approved re-instating the unit, under it’s original charter and squadron number. Captain Michael Carter was selected as commander, and will undertake the tasks of re-establishing the unit at Livermore airport, with the help of volunteers from across Group 2’s other units and Group 2’s command team.

The unit also has an active and capable Cadet flight, which meets at Byron airport, and is looking for young adults, ages 12-18, to come join their team. If you’re interested, please stop by the Cadets tab on this site and fill out an information request. The Cadets are actively engaged in aerospace education, drill and ceremony, flight training and helping the senior members during search and rescue missions.

We’re all very excited to be back in Livermore, helping the community and accomplishing our 3-tiered mission of Emergency Services, Aerospace Education and Cadet Programs! Do check out the History and About pages to learn more about our unit, and Civil Air Patrol as a whole. If you have any questions, please contact us! We’re often available for chat online, or can be reached by email from the Contacts page.